Hi and welcome to "We wish to announce..." - ecards-to-announce.com !

Who ?

My name is Clarisse, I am 30 years old, proud mum of Margot (April 2006) and Lalie (February 2009) and free lance web designer (claxite.net).

How did it start ?

My very first ecard was to be sent to my own mother who lives in a different country. I wanted to announce my second pregnancy in a surprising, fun and memorable way !

So I created the "Night Sky" ecard, which has changed a little now, and that is how my mum realized, with great joy, that I was expecting my second little one !

I enjoyed making this pregnancy announcement so much, that I decided to make different ones during my free time and presenting them on my website and blog.

I then created different sections for the ecards (birth, godparents and others...) and little by little the website started to make itself up !

Every month I receive more and more demands and now the ecards can be created easily directly on the website and you guys seem quite satisfied with the services, so the adventure continues for ecards-to-announce.com ! I am now presenting more and more ecards for all announcements around your pregnancy : boy or girl ecards, pregnancy announcements, bith announcements and more...

It is only recently that I started translating the website from French - so please excuse my French in some parts of this site - and I hope you enjoy it !

Why are the ecards not all free ?

Simply because it is a quite a job for me to put the ecards together : Design, creativity and developement !

But also because the ecards are original, animated and interactive, they are visible on large pages with no abusive ads or pop-up pages.

They can also be fully personnalized with your own texts, names, photos, due dates or birth dates and more, and this is integrated within the animated ecard, not just on the side or underneath.

The ecards you create on our website are hosted on the ecards-to-announce.com domain, and of course we also need to cover the webhosting charges.

Another difference with other ecard services is that you are notre required to provide your friends' and relatives' email addresses : as your ecard is created, we send you a link (URL) to your ecard and then you can choose to send it to whoever you like, using your usual email service or by sharing your link on social networks such as facebook, twitter, and more...

- If you have a special idea for your ecard, don't hesitate to contact me by email and I will reply as soon as possible to tell you if it is possible for me to create it, and if it is, I will do it with great pleasure ! -

More stuff ?

* Today I can say that the website is far from being over and I am constantly working on it to add new ecards and more. Please contact me by email if you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, or claims !

* Feel free to follow us on our blog for any news and promotional codes !

* Now you can share your ecards on facebook, twitter and any other network !

* There is also a facebook page, please join us and like our page :




Please be aware that the ecards on our website require FLASH Player and can not be viewed with devices which don't support Flash player, such as iPads or iPhones !

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