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Asking godmother with a scratchcard Title : Scratchcard message - Godmother
Type : Scratch card
Description : Add your child's picture or any picture you like on this pretty ecard. The future godmother will have to scratch the pic to discover what's behind: a pretty and cute little text from your child or baby : "...If you accept to be my godmother, I will keep a very special place in my heart just for you", cute hey ?
Infos : Your ecard will be on a white page, with no banners, just an understated link to our site.


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How does it work ?

1/ Personalize your eCard : By filling in the form on the right, your demo card will be created.

2/ Overview : On your demo page, you will be able to add or modify the picture(s) or photo(s)

3/ Ready ? When your ecard is ready, you can choose your payment preferences
    For an unlimited number of sendings :

    - 4,40 with Paypal
    - 5,65 with any debit/credit card
4 / Done ! When the procedure is through, you will be redirected to a page giving you :
    - Your link (url) to see your eCard
    - Instructions to send it by email to ALL YOUR CONTACTS
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    - You will also get all this information by email, along with a Promotional Code !

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