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Article 1 - Personal Data

Users personal data are collected, saved and processed only in order to enable users to create their products on the website ecards-to-announce.com, for our services to keep trace of activity on the website and, if necessary, to assist users if they encounter any problem using the products.

The personal data which may be collected by ecards-to-announce.com within the frame of the service are the following : First Names and Email address.
Please note that there is no subscription to our services.

Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Company. Google Analytics uses "cookies", which are text files placed on Internet users' computers, to help the website analyze how users use the site.

We have implemented security measures to protect the personal information users provide against unauthorized access and use.
Users must be aware, however, that no data transmission over the Internet is 100% secure and any information disclosed online can potentially be collected and used by persons other than the intended recipient.

Users may at any time, ask us for access to or to correct, update or delete information they have provided to ecards-to-announce.com by contacting us by email at clarisse@ecards-to-announce.com

Article 2 - Product usage

  • Products on our website are ecards that can be viewed on the website pages and can be tested for FREE and without any subscription by the website users.
    This is what we call "demo mode" or "demo ecards".

  • In order to use this service, users must enter their personal data in a form (which is on the right-hand side of the ecards).
    See article 1 for more information on Personal Data collected and uses of it.

  • Using the demo mode ecards doesn't involve users in paying or buying any products on the website : the demo service is entirely FREE.

    However, users are not allowed to spread or share their demo ecards : if they wish to do so, they must proceed to full service by going through payment.

  • Users must be aware that any demo ecard that they have created on the website is available on internet for an unlimited period of time.

    Though the demo ecards are stored on pages that are not followed by search engines, these pages can still be available without any protection or private connexion, for whoever would find, by chance or voluntarily, the complete link or URL to the demo ecard.

    Therefore, if users wish to have their demo ecards and data completely removed from internet, they can simply ask us to do so at any time, by writing to clarisse@ecards-to-announce.com or through our customer support dedicated website.

For any further information, we are available by email at clarisse@ecards-to-announce.com or through our customer support dedicated website

Article 3 - Acceptation of general conditions

Any usage of the ecards on our website involves users full acceptation of the GENERAL TERMS OF USE AND GENERAL TERMS OF SALE.


Article 1 - Application and acceptation of general conditions

Any usage of the ecards on our website involves users full acceptation of the GENERAL TERMS OF USE AND GENERAL TERMS OF SALE.

The following conditions apply to users who proceed to paying and buying an ecard on our website.

Article 2 - Personal Data

See "Article 1" of the GENERAL TERMS OF USE for more information on Personal Data collected and uses of it.

Article 3 - Prices and payment

The ecard prices are indicated at the bottom of each ecard page.
Prices vary whether users choose Paypal or Allopass services.
Some ecards are totally free.

Payments can be done using Paypal or Allopass services. When proceeding to payment, users can choose to be forwaded to Paypal or Allopass, which are secured online payment services.
Users must be aware that these services have their own terms and conditions of use that users have to accept when proceeding through payment.

Article 4 - Sale procedure

4.1 Steps before sale :

    - Once users have chosen an ecard, they can fill in the corresponding form (right-hand side on the ecard pages) and click the PERSONALIZE button to submit the form.

    - Users are then forwaded to their demo ecard for viewing and, if they wish, for choosing to add a picture or choosing to go back to previous page.

    - When the demo ecard is ready and users satisfied with the product they have personalized, users can then proceed to payment by choosing their payment preferences (secured online payment with Allopass or Paypal) at the bottom of the demo page.

    - Users can also to choose to withdraw from their demo ecard, they have no obligation to buy it.

    - When our services receive users' payments, users' ecards are instantly validated and users are forwaded to a page giving them all the information on how to use their ecard. They also receive an email with the same information for later use.

4.2 Availability and validating delays :
    - For any ecard paid with Paypal or Allopass, users must strictly follow instructions for an INSTANT validation or their ecard.

    (Instructions include not closing the demo ecard page in the background and clicking a link returning to website at the end of payment procedure.)

    However, if anything seems to have gone wrong or seems to have not worked properly, users must contact our services so that we can check if payment has been received and validate user's ecard as soon as possible.
    In this case, validation delays can take up to 36 hours (depending on our opening times), users will be notified by email when the ecard is ready to be used.

    - Our ecards services, provided by Claxite - Brochot Clarisse, do their best to keep the website and users' ecards available everyday, 24 hours a day, but is not obliged to successfully manage to do so.

    - Ecards created by users on the website are online and available up to 6 months after created. If users wish to delete or remove their ecard (ecard, pictures, data and link contained inside) before this time period, see Article 5 "After-sales services" of our GENERAL TERMS OF SALE.

4.3 Product delivery :
    - After successfull payment procedure, users are forwaded instantly to their finished product page. They also receive an instant email with the product usage information. Users must CHECK THEIR SPAM FOLDERS if they don't seem to have received the emails form ecards-to-announce.com, as our automatic emails might not be recognized as legitimate.

    - Users can use the link to their ecard as soon as product information received (on the web or by email). They must copy the given link (URL) and are free to paste it into emails they will then send to their own contacts, or share it on social networks, or post it to their website, blog, forums, etc... Number of sendings and viewings of their ecard is UNLIMITED.
4.4 Billing :
    ecards-to-announce.com keeps trace of payments using Paypal and Allopass services but does not create invoices for each user.
    However, if users wish to receive an invoice, they can simply contact our services and we will provide them an invoice for their validated ecard as soon as possible.

Article 5 - After-sales services

Once users' ecards are online and validated, users must check if the ecards satisfy them entirely, and if they have any claims or complaints, changes to make, add or delete elements to the ecards, they must contact our customer support and we will do our best to reply to users' requests and bring them our best assistance.

The ecards created by users will be removed entirely after about 6 months, but users can ask for removal at any moment, they must feel free to contact our services.

Article 6 - Withdrawal

Users have the right to withdraw their wish to buy their ecard, under a time-period of 7 days after validation of the ecard.
However, they should try and contact us as soon as possible if they wish to cancel the ecard and get a full or partial refund of their payment.
Any cancelling of an ecard that has been paid for will be done, refunds will be granted only in the cases where the ecard hasn't been sent to contacts and/or viewed by 1 person other than the user. This will be checked on our side, with Google Analytics.
If it is revealed that the ecard has been viewed by at least one person other than the user, ecards-to-announce.com will not be obliged to refund the ecard.

Article 7 - Payment delays

Payments for ecards on ecards-to-announce.com are done in advance to receiving the product : the ecards are validated only once the payment has been done.
With our system there is no payment delays as such, as the ecards are validated instantly after payment.
However, it is possible that the validation doesn't happen instantly (if instructions aren't followed or internet connexion fails or problems with the online payment services...), in these cases users must contact our customer support and we will validate the ecard "manually" as soon as possible. This type of validation can take up to 36 hours, depending on our availability.

Article 8 - Responsibilities

Our ecards services, provided by Claxite - Brochot Clarisse, is limited to the obligation to provide the means.
Claxite - Brochot Clarisse cannot be held liable for any inconvenience or damage inherent to using the Internet, in particular discontinuation of service, intrusion by an outside party or the presence of computer viruses.
Claxite - Brochot Clarisse cannot be held liable for any consequences resulting from usage of illegal images, photos, videos or other medias by the users.
Claxite - Brochot Clarisse cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience or damage directly or indirectly caused by using our services and products.
Our service ecards-to-announce.com, provided by Claxite - Brochot Clarisse cannot be held liable for any dispute users may have with our partner websites and websites advertised on our pages.

Though the ecards and the webpages where they are held are not submitted to search engines and are blocked from crawling engines, users have to be aware that the links (URLs) to their ecards, the information contained on the ecards and the webpages where they are held, can potentially be viewed by any Internet user or crawling engine, without any password protection, if the Internet user or engine manages to find, by chance or voluntarily, the exact link (URL) to the ecard and webpage.

Article 9 - Force majeure

In the event of total or partial non-performance by our services of any one of its obligations, Claxite - Brochot Clarisse shall incur no liability in connection therewith if such non-performance is due to a force majeure event, in particular without limitation in cases of equipment fails or breaks, power cuts or failures, problems with the hosting servers, website hacking, sabotages, labor unrest or total strike of communication companies, natural disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes, and generally any event beyond its control.

Article 10 - Applicable law - Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions of Sale and the contractual relationship between our ecards services ecards-to-announce.com, provided by Claxite - Brochot Clarisse, and the User or Buyer are governed by the laws of France.
In the event of dispute, the parties shall attempt to settle on an amicable basis prior to bringing any legal action.

Article 11 - VAT

Claxite - Brochot Clarisse is a individual company (micro-BNC) with registry number (SIRET) : 49385789000039
VAT is not applicable or tax-exempted (article 293 B du CGI).



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