PROMOTIONAL CODES ! How does it work ?

1€ discount on your ecard, take advantage of it !

How to get a PROMO CODE ?
  • When you buy an ecard on our website - this applies to any type of ecard except the free boy and girl ones - you will receive two emails. In the second email with subject "To thank you - - COUPON INSIDE !" you will find your personal code, to be used at any time you wish to buy a new ecard on our website with a 1€ discount on it.

  • Another way to find PROMO CODES is to follow us on facebook ! From time to time we give out free codes on our facebook page, click here to follow us on facebook !

  • On special occasions, we also give out free promo codes on our blog, click here to visit our blog !

How to use a PROMO CODE ?
    If you have a promo code, you can use it when you are ready to buy your ecard on our website.
    Just above the proceeding to payment table (at bottom of page), enter your code in the field "Use a PROMO CODE", see image 1 below.
    Once your code entered and validated, you will get an alert message informing you that you have a 1€ discount, and the prices are automatically updated, see image 2 below.
    You can then proceed to payment with the new price !
Enter your Promo Codes
image 1
Validated promo code
image 2

More info...
    If you have bought an ecard using a Promo Code, you will not get a new promo code in the "thank you" email.
    However, you will get a code anytime you buy a full-price ecard on our website, even if you already have one but haven't used it.
    The codes can not be added together to get a better discount, you can only use one code at a time. They are also unique and can only be used once.
    There is no time-limit for using the personal promo codes that are sent to you by email, however the codes delivered on our facebook page or blog can quickly run out if someone uses them before you !
    The codes can only be used for the ecards created by, they do not work for ecards brought to you by our partner websites such as "Fast ecard", or on any other products sold by our partner websites or advertised websites.

Any problem ?
    If your promo code doesn't seem to be working, if you don't seem to have received your personal promo code or if the discount doesn't seem to be applied as it should, please contact us through our Customer Support Service and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please be aware that the ecards on our website require FLASH Player and can not be viewed with devices which don't support Flash player, such as iPads or iPhones !

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