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Announcing Pregnancy

ecards for pregnancy announcement So you're gonna have a baby ? Surprise your friends and relatives with a cute & original ecard !

Pregnancy ecards

Boy or Girl...?

Baby Boy and Baby Girl ecards So now you know wether you're expecting a GIRL or a BOY ? Share it with the world !

It's a girl / It's a boy

Get your friends to participate !

Pregnancy Games Sometimes you may find the 9 months a little long... Surprise your friends and relatives with little pregnancy games !

Pregnancy Games

Baby's here !

Birth Announcement to be shared by e-mail and social networks To tell the great news instantly to all your friends and relatives, with a beautiful ecard !

Birth e-announcement

Godfather & Godmother

ecards ask godfather ecards ask godmother Emotion guaranteed with the ecards and games to ask and surprise the future godparents !

Godfather ecards / Godmother ecards

Custom designed...!

customised ecards and games You have a special announcement to make or an original idea...?

You'd like to announce twins, triplets or more ! Or make a special announcement for granny and grandpa, for aunty and uncle...

Printed cards, SMS or MMS announcements, QR Codes, Facebook announcing, ETC...

There are loads of possibilities !

More info...


  • Announce your pregnancy in an original way with our fun ecards and games.

  • It's a boy ! It's a girl ! Let your friends take a guess with these fun ecards to be sent by e-mail or shared on social networks

  • Organise little games to let your friends and relatives participate !

  • How to ask the future godparents in an original and fun way ? Check out our ecards and little games for godfather and godmother !

  • To make a quick birth annoucnement as soon as baby is here, check out all about the birth e-announcements !

  • Our favourite ecards !

  • Pregnancy ecard - New Idol !
  • Pregnancy ecard - Investigation
  • Pregnancy Games - Betting Game
  • Birth Announcement - Wordsearch
  • Boy or Girl Announcement - Scratch Card
  • Pregnancy ecard - Your pic Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Birth Announcement - A star is born !

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